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Eastern Motors
Main address: 4809 St Barnabas Rd 20748 Temple Hills MD
(888) 255-1000, , http://www.easterns.com/page/ContactUsForm3/master/contact
  • 17 complaints
  • $92K claimed losses
  • $5.4K average
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  • Jul 17
  • Dealers
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Enticing Letter
  • 60

I did not take of the numerous mail offers, as I was not pressed for an auto The dealer sends the letter through a partnership with Cap One. Cap One buying center works up the partnership deal with the auto dealer. The approval is base on credit. I voice my concerns to Cap One about not only the bad press on Eastern motors (certainly there are other Auto-dealer, that don't honor premier... Read more

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  • Jun 09
  • Dealers
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • Pushy Salesman
  • 1
  • 5

We were helped by a pushy salesman named sameul that kept hitting on my girlfriend. Brakes and wipers were suposto be replaced because they failed inspection even thou it had a new insp sticker. Sameul continues to harass my employer and personal refrences after the lian has gone ti gm finicial. Sameul has also cussed out my girlfriend and hung up on her Read more

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  • Apr 16
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Poughkeepsie, New York
  • Used Car Purchase
  • 1
  • 124

I bought an AUDI A4 from the Temple Hills, MD dealership a couple of months ago. While shopping for a car, I was told that I could not use my car as a down payment because the car had been in an accident and they could not give me full value for the car. I did not go out and look at any cars, they pretty much picked the car out for me (1st incident); Then after I finally purchased the car, I... Read more

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  • Apr 13
  • Auto Financing
  • Youngsville, Louisiana
  • Auto Credit
  • 345

They are a complete rip off! The people that give them all this praise and good standards must have excellent credit because the ones who have not so good credit gets screwed in deals you can not get out of so easily! I would not recommended EASTERN'S or go back there again. I'm now stuck with a car that I can not get rid of!! I hate that I have to write a complaint about this coming but people... Read more

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  • Nov 25, 2013
  • Ex Employees
  • Collaboration Experience
  • 479

At eastern motors, your job is not your credit. I went in with 6 months worth of pay stubs showing my income of over 4,000 dollars a month. I also had a trade-in. I was denied due to a charge-off on my credit. One year later, they called me back and asked if I was still in the market for a vehicle because the y had found a bank that would finance me. I was still leary from my first encounter with... Read more

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  • Nov 14, 2013
  • Dealers
  • Santa Ana, California
  • Overpriced Car
  • 326

Bought a car that was a 2006 - that was clearly not inspected. The car would not start after I bought it and brought it. Later to find out 4 months later the car facts about the car they gave me was also biogas ! They said that the car had no prior accidents ,or body damage , found a crack on the rt side of my car that I had looked at and the whole rt back panel has putty. I went to the laurel... Read more

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  • Jul 12, 2013
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Administrative Assistant
  • 257

I called Eastern Motors 7/11/13, around 3pm, in Temple Hills, Md. and asked for a manager by name. The young female person answered the phone, sounding rushed, and asked a question to which I asked for the manager and was hung up on. She picked up the phone and hung it up. She is very rude and I've had another similar incident trying to get through to someone at Easterns once before. I am sure... Read more

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  • Mar 26, 2013
  • Dealers
  • Preapproving Process
  • 644

A couple of weeks ago, I received a letter from Capitol One pre-approving me for a car loan through Eastern Motors; I decided to take chance and go look. The staff was friendly (so I thought) and they asked me questions about my situation which I thought they actually cared. I got to test drive a car, but not the one I wanted, but it was OK, they found the one I wanted at another store and was... Read more

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  • Feb 16, 2013
  • Dealers
  • Washington, District Of Columbia
  • Financing
  • 555

Eastern's on St. Barnabas Rd. sucks major a#$!!! I had to deal with these incompetent people who don't provide you with the appropriate information about vehicles, the process, or the financing because of credit issue. I expected to have to go through some extra *** because of that, so I didn't complain when I had to sit in the dealership until midnight waiting for them to finish my deal. Nor... Read more

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  • Feb 07, 2013
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Laurel, Maryland
  • Replacement Tire
  • 2
  • 942

I've purchased 3 cars in 5 years a total of $60k spent at Easterns. I asked for a replacement tire for one that was overly worn. The lender "Vinny" stated he would not replace the tire and that I could leave if I wasn't happy. Basically he was willing to lose a $23k sale over a tire. The store manager approved a new tire. They gave my personal information to another lender who continues to... Read more

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