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Eastern Motors is a rip off

Sure, my credit sucks because of a divorce. That's my problem, so I have to deal with 2nd chance lenders via Eastern Motors (in Maryland). They lied to me to get me in the dealership (200 miles round trip from my home), didn't have the car they said they did on-line. Wanted me to come back 3 days later to "pick out a car". Was told they couldn't discuss my financing over the phone, that ONLY a banker could do that, so I told them I wasn't was too far to drive for me to get jerked around. 5 minutes later, they called me back and told me everything about the financing (lie #2). They offered me a whopping $16,000 at 20% interest. I make over 100k a year, and yes, my credit sucks but it's because of a divorce which resulted in two of my homes going to foreclosure. For 38 years I've had kick-***, I'm *** because of this divorce...I used to have credit cards with $25,000 I'm offered loans that would barely pay for a used Honda. FML.
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We're so sorry to hear that you did not have a good car buying experience with us. Please keep in mind that we have been in business for over 30+ years and take our customer service very seriously.

We even have an A+ rating with the BBB. Please contact our Customer Care Team to see if there is anything we can do to better assist you moving forward.

We would love to help! E-mail: / Phone: (888)-535-8151


I agree with you Eric. I too was thinking about Eastern's, that is why I am reading the reviews...

After what I see, I will definitely stay FAR from Easterns.


Thanks I don't have the best credit and someone said go to Eastern Motor. After reading all this NO THANKS I'll stay away from them


Dont blame Easterns for dealing with you DREAK *** people....They WILL help you when everyone else kicks you out of their dealership. They have great cars & great service! I have been a loyal customer & I have great credit BECAUSE of the help I got from Eastern Motors!


You probably work their!!!


Initially, I was happy with the sales/service because I knew my credit situation. Picked a car online, was told to come in but when I got there, it was "not available." I was then shown another car, totally different type which sounded like the muffler was about to come off (literally).

Finally found a car, got the financing but something was missing - the navigation DVD. Kept asking for it and was told that it was ordered, blah, blah, blah. After contacting the finance company to see what my options were, I finally got ahold of someone at the main office who got me the DVD (after waiting for about 2 months). After having the car for 4 months (to the date), the car would not start.

I thought it was the cold but it wound up being a dead battery which after it was inspected, was actually dented and had scratches on it.

I was beyond livid because of 1) the damaged battery, 2) the hard time I had getting in touch with someone as I could not get a response from the service department when I called; was transferred and the line was disconnected several times and 3) the inconvenience of trying to find out why the car I've purchased and had for 4 months just died. I would recommend this place!


Sucks they just sent me a letter saying that I mis represented my trade in saying I didnt tell them that my trade in was a lease REALLY !!!!!!!!!!!.

Its clearly on the title and when I was approached by my car sales men i.e. big bear I told him it was a least vehicle ..... CROOKS LETS GO TO WAR ON THIS ONE !!!


Eastern is a joke! Promised to make repares to my vehicle within 30 day warranty period.

Sent me to a reputable dealership to get their expert opinion (spend the entire day there) for Eastern to say "Stop dont make any repars" "its too expensive to fix"! Was then told they would make repairs and had to fight for a loaner car, which broke down on the highway. Only to be told after keeping my car 3 days, "they will not make repairs" even though I have a warranty! "Its too expensive to fix"!

Go anywhere but EASTERN. They lie and make promises but don't honor their word or warranty!

Reporting to the BBB and anyone who will listen!!


Sounds like you should be pissed at your ex *** not Easterns.


Hey V,

If you go out to eat and the servers and staff *** you around and can't get your order right are you going to pissed at your date for what she ordered? Face it, customer service sucks now a days.

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What happened whith you auto/redskins show eastern's moters??

so we went to the eastern's auto and redskins players show at redskin's park on sunday. we paid admission for two adults and three kids. the money was going to charity, so it felt a little better to shell out $50. i was going to see all of my favorite players....
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We're so sorry about this! Please contact us so we can resolve your concerns. E-mail: / Phone: (888)-535-8151

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