Bull *&%$ - your credit is your credit.Not to mention they boast about "one ownership" - yeah, the rental company and the hundreds of drivers that have driven that rental.

YES - they mostly sell rental cars.

Ever notice none or very few have sun roofs?So here's the deal - save our money and go somehwere where you at least know only a family of drivers (at most) have possibly been the only drivers of the vehicle.

Eastern's cars are like that special somebody you met - only problem is - unless yo really know that person's background/history, you're probably getting ready to sleep with everyone they have slept with.

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1338248

Completely agree...I found out the hard way that my 2014 Ford Fusion (that I bought in 2015 with 36,000 miles...

That should have been my first clue because the ford warranty was 3 years or $35,000 miles) so the warranty was no longer good on it... But I started having problems about 4 months after I bought it...

As I was trying to set up the sync stuff, I saw the previous owners info n it was a car wash in Virginia...They used my car as a loaner when the clients car was being washed

Charles Town, West Virginia, United States #641048

And the Washington Redskins dance to their music because how many of them get their cars from eastern Motors? :roll Have you seen their cars!!! Enough said.

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