They are a complete rip off! The people that give them all this praise and good standards must have excellent credit because the ones who have not so good credit gets screwed in deals you can not get out of so easily!

I would not recommended EASTERN'S or go back there again. I'm now stuck with a car that I can not get rid of!! I hate that I have to write a complaint about this coming but people need to know the truth about these car dealers and not just the good in them.

Im a mother trying to make a way for her kids and the last thing I need to be locked in a over bearing contract that will last for years! Its down right manslaughter and I know everyone at EASTERN'S are sleeping nice and warm and comfortable at night with no regret or conscious.

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For real class action is needed and will look I to this


Yup when you *** the man and don't pay your bills guess what, the get you and you find yourselves in these ridiculous situations. Cry to NoBoma and he can take care of it for you too!!


People run into tuff situations like divorce which blemishes their credit, don't judge Fin...Eastern should not act like they help people with bad credit with good jobs, they only make situations worse by selling lemons with high interest rates.

Rockville, Maryland, United States #918299

People with good credit always get good deals. That is why people need to watch their credit.

Life with good credit is much better than without good credit. Credit needs to be taught to everyone in high school.

Woodbridge, Virginia, United States #866498

I purchased a explorer found out this car was resold 3 times at auction to a rebuilder bad damages car was not right would shut off when driving , cant get out of it would not do repurchase run from these guys, I am also stuck


That's because you have bad credit therefore you do not get the same treatment as customers with good credit

to Pablo Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #1281319

Hit the nail right on the head

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