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VERY TERRIBLE SERVICE !!! Very Unprofessional! You buy a Car and 10 days Later, they ask you to Return it! For the Most Silly Reason I have Ever heard!

My husband and I went to the Laurel store on Friday 12/08/17 to purchase a car, and after being approved financially, we were given a VW Passat! I had an issue with the way we were treated. As if that was not enough, 10 days later, they called my husband asking him to provide a cotenant( for some reason, I'm not listed as a cotenant on our apartment lease) or else he returns the car! This came in as a shock to us both: 1) we were never disclosed this on the day of purchase (NON-DISCLOSURE ) .

Else we would have gone elsewhere 2) why wait 10days after purchase to call us and demand we return the car if we can't provide a cotenant! 3) the lender company had called to interview my husband and never mentioned anything like that. Infact she told him we were good! So why would you start calling us to inconvenience us about cotenant signature !

Who exactly was asking, cos I'm damn sure it wasn't the lender. They Lied it was! 4) why the heck would that be a requirement! Never in my entire car purchasing life heard of that as a requirement!

We were pressured into returning the car! My husband and I didn't see the possibility in adding a stranger to our lease, so yesterday 12/20/17 we returned the car, my husband lost $160 from his paycheck cos he couldn't go to work because of this nonsense!! On getting there we met with the guy who's been inconveniencing us with phone calls, WILL! Heck I demanded my $700 downpayment back before returning the car keys!

Will had the guts to say and I quote "Even if you go to another car dealership, it would be the same thing" I'm like what the ***!!! Who in the world says that. That same day,(yesterday) We went to CARMAX Laurel and got a better Car and an Excellent service! Stress free without any of the nonsense cotenant excuse.

As I write I'm still waiting for $200 of my $700 downpayment. We were only given $500 yesterday! Eastern Automotive Group better provide my $200 and making my husband loose $160 yesterday.

Y'all mess with the wrong people ! Else we would SUE for NON-DISCLOSURE and INCONVENIENCE!!

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Eastern Motors Verified Representative
We're so sorry to hear that you did not have a good car buying experience with us. Please keep in mind that we have been in business for over 30 years and take our customer service very seriously.

We even have an A+ rating with the BBB. Please contact our Customer Care Team to see if there is anything we can do to better assist you moving forward.

We would love to help! E-mail: customercare@easterns.com / Phone: (888)-535-8151

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