I went to purchase a vehicle at Eastern Motors in Temple Hills, MD. They tried to show me an Acura but I said I wanted a Cadillac SRX. They bought in one from another store. It was the basic model. The car was 26,000. Eastern Motors lowered the cost to 22,000.

Then with the interest added, I ended up paying 44,000 for the car. I was just going to take it and try to refinance until the sales person they call Ron called me 4 days later and told me the deal was not final. He spoke very rude and...he told me to bring the car back if I was not happy.

I was there the following morning with the car. I told the general manager he can thank Ron for the return of this vehicle. I took the opportunity to get out of that upside down situation. They offered me another car, I told them to just take they keys.

I will not be disrespected on the phone.......

If you buy a car from them, please read the interest rate. If you are paying twice the amount of the value of the car,you will be in an upsidedown situation. You will be paying for a car that has no market value. You will not even be able to trade it in.

I look at my situation as a blessing.

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Eastern Motors Verified Representative
We would love to address your concerns regarding your visit. Please contact our Customer Care Team to see if there is anything we can do to better assist you moving forward. E-mail: customercare@easterns.com / Phone: (888)-535-8151
Fairfax, Virginia, United States #906656

This is about the dumbest review I've EVER read. The only way you can be "upside-down" in a vehicle is if you owe more than it is worth, at the time of trade in.

It's called, negative equity.

Secondly, if your deal was not funded or finalized it is because of the buyers fault. You messed up the bank interview, you don't have all of your paperwork handed in. OR YOUR CREDIT JUST SUCKS!!!!

Which is YOUR FAULT!!

NOTE: Your car deal is not funded or finalized until YOU make the first payment. Then, and only then, can a salesman actually say that it is a done deal.

to 12ounceCurls Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #967997

I see they prepped you with all the misleading dealership jargon. I sold cars as well.

I'm not a customer who falls for fried ice-cream. Eastern's WILL put you in a car that you will be upside down in before you leave the lot. It depends of your credit, how they book the car out, the loan to value on the call back, and their need to get an old-age unit of their lot that month. And the higher the interest rate, the more likely you will be upside down in your purchase.

Banks like Santander, Drive, etc. will screw your credit up as you will have to do a BK to get out of their loans when you want to trade in your car.


If you are paying double for a car due to the interest rate my suggestion would be to pay your bills on time and stop blaming the dealer.

to a person with common sense Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #967999

I also see that you are an Eastern Motors salesman with all the sarcasm. Little do yo know I once a salesman too. And we LOVED people with good credit to come through the doors because the banks would give us a good loan to value based on your good credit and we would use all of it, thus putting your smart a** in a negative equity situation when it came time for you to trade in your vehicle.

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